Course Curriculum

Easy-to-follow pre-recorded sessions that you can view at any time that suits you!

  • 01

    Welcome - let's get started

    • Welcome!

    • Please help me to make this the perfect course for you.

  • 02


    • Section A - Study Notes

    • Introducing the Course

    • How This Course Can Benefit Your Work

  • 03

    How to Create a Great Team

    • Section B - Study Notes

    • What Makes a Group of People a TEAM?

    • The Leader's Attitude - the Key to a Successful Team

    • How to Build Trust Within Your Team

    • How To Build Trust - your feedback on this section

  • 04

    Introducing the Coaching Strategy to Solve Sticky Problems

  • 05

    How to Solve Sticky Problems: The Open-Up Phase

    • SECTION D - Study Notes

    • How to Encourage Innovative Thinking

    • The Right Question at the Right Time

    • The Power of your Big “WHY?”- Knowing Your Purpose

    • Determine you are ON COURSE

    • Get Your Brain in Gear - HOW

    • Open Up Possibility Thinking using WHAT questions

    • Student Notes - Open Up Possibility Thinking - WHAT

  • 06

    Helpful Tips to Unleash Innovative Thinking

    • Create A Safe Space to Explore Possibilities

    • How Insights from Neuroscience Can Clarify Our Thinking

    • Stepping Stones to Innovative Ideas

    • Why Innovation is Essential for Business Success

    • Study Notes - Create Safe Space to Think Well

  • 07

    How To Solve Problems: The “Closing In” Phase

    • How to Move from Idea to Action

    • Questions to Assess Your Innovative Idea is Workable

    • Transform Your Ideas Into Solutions That Works

  • 08

    Recap and Way Forward

    • The Next Question

    • Way Forward

  • 09

    BONUS: How to Create a Problem-Solving Mindset

    • Links to Your Bonus Materials - added insights to create Transformative Team Communication Skills

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  • Bonus 1

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